About Us


Generations of Excellence From A Family of Landscapers

Based in Sunnyside, Washington, Van Wingerden Landscaping is a family-owned business established in 1950 by John and Teuntje Van Wingerden. Our company is now run by second and third-generation members who carry on the hard work that their parents started.

Meet Our Team

Our staff is highly educated and fully qualified to design and install your dream landscape. Whether you need a new lawn or want to have a stunning waterfall on your property, we can take care of it.


John Van Wingerden

John attended the University of Washington School of Landscape Architecture. He is truly an industry veteran with 50 years of installation experience.


James Van Wingerden

James graduated with a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from Washington State University. He brings 20 years of installation experience to the family business.

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